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Entrepreneur / Executive / Investor -- Boquete, Panama.

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Rick is CEO and Founder of OmniBazaar, Inc. He also has 30+ years of entrepreneurial success and exits in the financial services, international franchising, contracting and packaging industries. Rick holds a Master's degree in Aerospace Engineering from Stanford University and has been working in cryptocurrency and blockchain since 2013. (Also Director at OmniCoin Foundation.)

Beyond that, Rick also takes pride in being a "renaisance man", with interests and abiliities in many different fields. He did post-graduate studies in astrophysics at Stanford and was an "early-adopter" of the personal computer, the Internet, solar energy, and blockchain technology. In addition to currently building a startup software company, he practices organic gardening, aquaculture, home brewing, and beekeeping.

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Personal Information

Name : Richard Crites
Phone : 1-877-534-5347
Email : info [at]
Address : Boquete, Chiriqui, Panama


"Developing ideas, new businesses and people since 1980"

September 2013 - Present

Founder, majority shareholder, and inventor of the OmniBazaar peer-to-peer marketplace system and software.

OmniBazaar, Inc.

Founder, majority shareholder, and inventor of OmniBazaar.

OmniBazaar, Inc.

Created, designed, and led the development of the OmniBazaar peer-to-peer marketplace system and software. Responsible for all parts of early-stage corporate establishment, legal, marketing, public relations, technical development and testing. We see OmniBazaar as a disruptive social movement that is reinventing free enterprise around the world.

January 2011 - August 2017

Director, Legal Officer, and Executive Vice President for Operations. Responsible for the expansion of the Finance, Technical and Quality Divisions at LinkTek Corporation.

LinkTek Corporation, Clearwater, FL

Director, Legal Officer, and Executive Vice President for Operations.

LinkTek Corporation, Clearwater, FL

Spearheaded the development of LinkTek's best-selling new product. Developed and wrote the specifications for a new type of license for the product. Spearheaded revenue growth of 60%.

May 1996 - December 2009

Branch Manager, OSJ, Securities Principal, Registered Rep., Life and Health Insurance Agent, and Mortgage Broker

World Marketing Alliance, First Founders Financial, Equity Leadership Group, Graham Group, Allstate

Series 7 and 63 -- Securities Representative, Series 24 -- Securities Principal, Life, Health, and Variable Insurance License, Mortage Broker Licensed, Notary Public

World Marketing Alliance, First Founders Financial, Equity Leadership Group, Graham Group, Allstate

-- Awarded “Outstanding Leadership,” “Most Valuable Player,” awards trips, President’s “Advisory Council,” and more...
-- Ranked consistently in the top ten percent nationally in sales production.
-- Created over sixty technical training bulletins and seminar training presentations.
-- Authored the company’s “New Associate Training Course and Resource Manual.”,

January 1975 - September 1996

Founder, Partner, Director, President

Established, operated and profitably sold six businesses in the fields of national and international franchising, contracting, and retail packaging.

Founder, Partner, Director, President

Established, operated and profitably sold six businesses.

-- International Miracle Method Appearance Centers
-- I.M.M.A.C. Equipment and Supplies
-- Miracle Method of the United States
-- Miracle Method of Northern California
-- Miracle Method of San Mateo
-- Retail Packaging Specialists


Trained as a "rocket scientist". Experienced as an entrepreneur.

1978 - 1979

Masters of Science -- Aero-Astro Engineering

Stanford University

Masters of Science

Stanford University

Emphasis in guidance and control systems, navigation, and orbital mechanics. Post-graduate study in astrophysics.

1970 - 1975

Bachelor of Liberal Studies -- Department of Liberal Studies

University of Oklahoma

Bachelor of Liberal Studies

Oklahoma University

The Liberal Studies curriculum requires study and proficiency in each of the physical sciences, each of the social science, the arts, and the humanities. It is designed to give the student familiarity with all parts of human knowledge, and an understanding of how those parts interact and integrate.

our team

Our Team combines a unique combination of creativity, experience, knowledge, and a shared "can do" attitude, to create the very best living and working environment to achieve happiness and success.

Ellen Edmondson


Ellen Edmondson

Co-Founder, CPO (Chief Permaculture Officer)

Collaboratively designs and implements a high-quality sustainable community that generates happiness and prosperity for all team members. Ellen is a Certified Nurse-midwife, ARNP, herbalist, chef, and permaculture designer.

Apis Mellifera

Apiary Team Leader

Apis Mellifera

C.H.O. (Chief Honey Officer)

Creates, leads and manages the activities of a team of tens of thousands dedicated and obediant workers. Coordinates the activities of her hugely sophisticated followers through her production of pheromones.

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Fermentation Specialists

Saccharomyces Cerevisiae

Alcohol Production Section

Collaboratively transforms simple sugars into delicious brewed beverages. Practitioners of the nobel ancient process that has been producing beer, wines, and meads for thousands of years.

Oreochromis Mossambicus

Hydroponic Fertilization Group

Oreochromis Mossambicus

Fertilizer Production Team

Collaboratively initiates the production and distribution of nitrate-rich hydroponic nutrients. Working in tight coordinaton with the Bacterial Transformation team, this unit fertilizes almost 1,000 square feet of organic crops.

Felix Domesticatus

Collaborative Amusement Team (C.A.T.)

Felix Domesticatus

Amusement Managers

Collaboratively initiate schemas for high-quality humor and enjoyment experiences. Creatively produce outstanding inter-species relationships via team building activities.

G. Gallus Domesticus

Nutrient Production Team

G. Gallus Domesticus

Nutrient Production Team

Collaboratively initiate production systems for high-quality edible protein modules (eggs). Cooperatively create a reliable output of nutrient-rich organic fertilizer.

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From time to time, I write about the things that are on my mind. And because I have a broad set of interests, this blog ends up being fairly diverse. Below are some of the topics I care about. To see my writings that relate to decentralization, disintermediation, cryptocurrencies, OmniCoin, and OmniBazaar, please see the news and articles on the OmniBazaar web site.


Honey Bee Rescue

Bees are important to the environment. Don't kill them just for taking up residence in your house or yard. As a registered Florida beekeeper, I can remove and relocate bee colonies or swarms in the North Pinellas area, without harming the bees.

Home Brewing

In keeping with my interest in developing sustainable living and self-sufficiency, I recently decided to take up brewing.