My first batch of mead.

In keeping with my interest in developing sustainable living and self-sufficiency, I recently decided to take up brewing.  And what better way for a beekeeper to get started in brewing than to make a batch of mead (honey wine)?

Here is a picture of my first batch in the final stages of 'settling'.  I have been allowing the fermented product to sit for a few weeks, to let the spent yeast and other sediment slowly settle to the bottom of the bottle.

I have already "racked" this batch a couple of times, by siphoning most of the mead into a fresh bottle, while leaving most of the sediment in the previous bottle.  So the mead you see here is actually pretty clear and almost ready to bottle.

I will bottle this batch in a few days.  Then it will go into a closet for another six months or a year to age and mellow.  It is actually drinkable now, but tastes a bit "raw."  A vintner must have patience to get a good product.

By next weekend, I plan to have this batch of mead decanted into bottles.  Then, the next experiment will be to brew an organic dark stout beer.

I will provide details as that project develops.

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