OmniBazaar system in a single image.

I designed this "info-graphic" to explain the OmniBazaar system with a single image.

OmniBazaar is a FUNCTIONING e-commerce marketplace developed using our PATENTED technology. OmniBazaar provides an "on-ramp" to both e-commerce and cryptocurrency adoption for billions of "un-banked" consumers, by allowing users to "barter for bitcoin". People without a bank account or credit card can now barter a product or service to immediately receive OmniCoins, Bitcoins or Ether. The OmniBazaar ecosystem includes its own built-in cryptocurrency ("OmniCoin"), reputation tracking, escrow agents, an influencer marketing system, social messaging, and user incentives for participation and growth.

OmniBazaar can serve two billion people who currently cannot use Amazon, eBay or Alibaba. We have a working software product with 10,000 registered users, a distributed marketplace with hundreds of product and service listings by users in more than 30 countries, and real sales in the marketplace. And, our OmniCoin tokens have an established value in that marketplace. The OmniBazaar/OmniCoin software is available in 17 languages.

For more information about OmniBazaar visit the OmniBazaar web site

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