OmniBazaar system in a single image.

I designed this "info-graphic" to explain the OmniBazaar system with a single image.

OmniBazaar is an explicitly "white-market" peer-to-peer marketplace with built-in safeguards to deter and remove listings for illegal products or services. It is a marketplace "of the people, by the people, for the people" that eliminates the "middlemen" and "bankers" from e-commerce transactions.

Users buy and sell directly among themselves (rather than through a middleman site like Amazon or eBay), using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies (instead of credit cards or PayPal). By using a distributed structure to eliminate the middlemen, and Bitcoin to eliminate the bankers, OmniBazaar charges users 80% lower fees than existing e-commerce sites like eBay, Alibaba and Amazon. Built-in incentives reward providers of essential services, as a way of avoiding the "tragedy of the commons" scenario.

OmniBazaar will also serve the 2.5 billion "un-banked" people world-wide who cannot use existing e-commerce sites, because those sites require users to have credit cards and bank accounts.

For more information about OmniBazaar visit the OmniBazaar web site

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