Bee hive in a wall

Bees are important to the environment. Don't kill them just for taking up residence in your house or yard. A registered Florida beekeeper can remove / relocate bee colonies or swarms in the North Pinellas area, without harming the bees.

Instead of paying an exterminator, hire a beekeeper to SAVE THE BEES. We can open the wall, extract the bees, remove the comb and clean up the space.

Pinellas County Bee Rescue and Removal

Remember that just killing the bees probably won't completely solve your problem. It is very important to correctly handle what's INSIDE the hive. Honey comb left inside a wall or eave will attract other pests and can cause serious structural damage to your home. There are alternative ways to solve this problem. We remove the bees and the comb that would otherwise attract pests.

A swarm in a tree.

If you see a swarm, like the one shown above, call us immediately.  Swarm removal may be available at no cost.

Call for an estimate on relocating / rescuing bees from your yard or structure.

  • Non-destructive bee hive removal and relocation
  • Swarm capture and removal
  • Bee colony rescue at reasonable prices.
  • Raw, un-processed local honey for sale.
  • Backyard beekeeping education and consulting available.
  • Working hives sometimes available for purchase

Call me to discuss your specific situation.


Backyard beekeeper

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